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Our Main Activities

4 Project Components

1. Bioenergy Investment Supports

For Repeatable, Environmentalist, High Social Benefit Projects

Digital Work Life

Electricity and Heat Generation in Power Plants

Pellet, Briquette, Mixture, Bale Production from Agricultural Residues

  • $2,400,000 in direct support

  • Feasibility Studies for Energy Facilities

  • Business Plans for Supply Chains

  • Meetings with Financial Institutions / Credibility Studies

2. Refining Legislation Framework

Enabling Transformation Between Sub-Sectors

Pencil and notepad

Legal Gap Analysis

Harvest Management and Biomass Extraction Standard

  • Legal Gap Analysis Report

  • Defining Biomass Sustainability Indicators

  • "Mini Biogas Project" Strategy Document

  • Harvest Management Guides

3.Capacity Building and Awareness

Strengthening Technical Infrastructure and Sectoral Integration


Trainings, Workshops, Promotion Activities

Symposiums, Congresses, Academic Publications

  • Biomass Experts and Technical Staff Trainings

  • Public, Private Sector, Financial Institutions Decision Makers Trainings

  • Symposium, Congress Participation, Academic Publication Support

  • Stand, Fair, Social Media Promotion Activities

4.Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring of Project Support and Activities, Measurement of Success

Illustrated Eyes

Energy Monitoring Systems, Sustainability Monitoring Mechanisms

Success Criteria, Feedback, Public Sharing

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plans

  • Pilot Projects Monitoring Systems

  • Post-event Evaluations

  • Sharing Results Publicly

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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