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Project Applications Evaluation Process Completed

Within the scope of the project, it was announced on April 9, 2019 that it would provide technical and financial support to bioenergy investments in Turkey, and it was decided to provide a total of 2400000 US Dollars ($) financial support to 6 energy plants and 5 supply chain applications with sustainable qualifications from the bioenergy companies that applied.

The "Biomass Use Project to Support the Development of the Turkish Economy on the Path to Green Growth", which was created with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the framework of combating climate change and disseminating modern technologies in the agricultural industry, has been developing the biomass sector in Turkey with environmentally friendly and highly efficient methods since 2018 contributes. Biomass is the potential for organic material that has existed in living form and has not been fossilized. Biomass is carbon neutral in energy, as the carbon dioxide produced when the biomass is converted into an energy form with different technologies is equal to the carbon dioxide absorbed during the formation of biomass. It is possible to generate electricity and heat from biomass energy. based on sustainability
The project aims to convert agricultural wastes and residues into energy, which remain in the fields and gardens after production as biomass raw material, cannot be converted into different products (feed, fertilizer, etc.) and are often exposed to stubble burning, although it is prohibited. Waste heat generated during energy production is used to meet the heat requirement of the industrial area with integrated systems.

The call was made on 9 April 2019 to announce that circular, sustainable and repeatable bioenergy projects can provide technical and financial support from our project. Applicant companies are subject to many criteria such as raw material (type, supply, logistics infrastructure), applied process (heat, cogeneration, trigeneration, waste heat use), investment budget, environmental and social impact, reproducibility and sustainability, and in three separate stages. (two by independent experts and firms). Within the scope of technical support, business plans were prepared for the top 12 supply chain companies, pre-feasibility reports were prepared for the top 10 energy facility companies and feasibility reports were prepared for the top 6 energy facility companies. Report and business plan preparation processes were carried out in cooperation with independent experts and international companies. With the "Project 2nd Executive Board Meeting" dated November 11, 2020, the companies that were entitled to financial support were finalized and shared with the public after the necessary procedures were completed.

The companies that are entitled to receive financial support are listed below:

​ ​

Energy Facility Firms:

1- Bolu Power Union Energy Investment Inc.

2- Biomek Electricity Energy Industry and Trade Inc.

3- Dinar Biogas Energy Production Industry and Trade Inc.

4- Konfrut Food, Industry and Trade Inc.

5- Mey Biogas Energy Production Industry and Trade Inc.

6- Zeyn Biogaz Electricity Generation and Trade Inc.

Supply Chain Firms:

1- Bolu Power Union Energy Investment Inc.

2- Mimsan Industry Boilers Inc.

3- TEMS Bioenerji Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.

4- TRE Engineering Industry and Trade Inc.

5- Yapılcanlar Tourism, Petroleum, Transport, Food, Livestock, Industry and Trade Inc.

​ ​

We congratulate our companies that are entitled to financial support.

Image by Tim Zänkert
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